ISDP 2017 Abstract Submission

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After you submit the information on the abstract submission form, you will be asked to make a payment. Payment for the abstract fee is $50 per abstract and is non-refundable.

Abstracts must be submitted by the presenting author.
Advisors may not submit an abstract for another person under their own login information.
Abstracts are due in the ISDP Central Office by June 2, 2017.
Payment for each abstract MUST be made after submitting the abstract unless you received a Promo Code.

Please note that abstracts submitted for Wiley's Special Abstract Section has a specific format.

Title: ALL CAP
Authorship: author names formatted as indicated; multiple affiliations listed by superscript reference following author; final author preceded by 'and'
"J.P. Doe,1 J. Doe,2 J. Smith, 1 and J. Smith, Jr.1"
Affiliations: Title Case; multiple affiliations listed by superscript reference preceding afiliation; single affiliation gets no number;
1Department, Institution, City, State Zip
Contact info: e-mail address only, lower case
Abstract text (excluding title, authors and affiliations): approx. 250 words.
Contract Grants: appended at tend of abstract text; grants listed in brackets
[NIH grant ### to JPD]

ABSTRACT TITLE SHOULD BE IN ALL CAPS WITH NO BOLD OR ITALICS. J. P. Doe,1 J. Doe,2 J. Smith,1 and J. Smith, Jr.1 1Department, Institution, City, State ZIP. Department, Institution, City, State ZIP.
Your abstract should be attached, using the upload button. It should INCLUDE your TITLE, AUTHORS, AFFILIATIONS, CONTACT INFO, TEXT, and FUNDING information. The information you have provided in previous boxes is for the program booklet. What is typed in your attachment goes directly to the publisher. It must not exceed 250 words (excluding title, authors and affiliations) to comply with the publisher's formatting instructions. If your abstract is originally typed in a word processing software program you can utilize the program's word count feature to insure that your abstract is not too long before uploading it, below. The preferred file format for submission is Microsoft Word. Please preview your abstract before submitting it. Once you have submitted your abstract it cannot be edited. If you do find an error, you will need to resubmit the abstract with a comment in the "Comment" box that the abstract is a replacement abstract. Do not hesitate to contact the Central Office if you have any questions. This paragragh contains 234 words.

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